Our background

ISEMI was founded in 1996 by an international team of academics and entrepreneurs to enhance the offering of world-class, hands-on Entrepreneurship Education programs worldwide.

ISEMI is active in Europe, Asia and the Americas, with the aim of becoming a world-leading Entrepreneurship Education institution.

In 2012 ISEMI has won a tender, as a part of the European consortium, to train entrepreneurship educators in Europe.

the courses


  • Although already a PhD, the studies at ISEMI completed wonderfully the work I was doing as head of "Ramot" the commercialization arm of Tel Aviv University.
  • I strongly recommend to anyone who has an Idea, to participate in these courses, and would even go as far as titling this course as a "must" for any young entrepreneur.
  • This is a must course for any entrepreneur, no matter how far along his project is, who seeks to succeed in the field, whilst networking with other entrepreneurs.
  • The counseling that was offered to me and my colleagues by various lawyers, accountants, investors and entrepreneurs was most helpful.
  • I would certainly recommend this course for anyone who wishes to enter the field of entrepreneurship, especially with a high-tech focus.
  • I felt that all of ISEMI's teaching and support staff, together with their professional partners, are teaching with great love and have a profound understanding of their work.
  • ISEMI College is of very high teaching quality. It is very focused, conducted by true professionals, who were of much personal assistance to me and to my co-students.


  • Biotechnology Entrepreneurship (3 months Course)
    Biotechnology Entrepreneurship (3 months Course)
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  • Seminar: Joint Ventures between Palestinian and Israelis
    Collaboration between Palestinian & Israeli High-Tech Entrepreneurs
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  • ISEMI is proud to host CONEEECT Training week Tel Aviv, Feb 21-26, 2015
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